Picture Gallery

2011 photos 

The infamous Borat finishing the Keswick triathlon.

 Club member Mark Blackwell putting the pedal down on Newlands Duathlon

A 3D effect photo of club member Mike Mckee at Ashington tri 

Niel Carrick flying on the bike at Newlands 

Russell Newlove enjoying a well earned drink 

Mike Mckee starting lap 3 of the run on Trentham gardens half-iron event 2011 

2012 photos 

 Russ Newlove putting in some hard work on Hardknott pass during the Fred Whitton 2012

 Keswick triathlon 2012 photos:

Arron Lester crossing the line at Keswick.

A view from Ashness bridge half way up the keswick triathlon run. 

Club member Niel Carrick putting in the miles in the Newlands Duathlon 

Club member Russell Newlove exiting the swim at Chirk Tri

Chris Mckee finishing at Keswick 2011